Meisterplan Project Portfolio Management

Meisterplan from itDesign, in partnership with Sandhill Consultants, is an interactive, real-time, resource and project planning system that real managers can use quickly and easily.Meisterplan PPM Software

This exciting software can be used as a stand-alone tool, importing data directly from Excel spreadsheets, or combined with your existing PPM systems to provide an aggregated view. Meisterplan provides instant visibility of your Project and Service Portfolio, together with the resources available to deliver that portfolio. Using its real-time scenario planning capability, your portfolio can be reworked in seconds, allowing you to answer questions such as:

  • Are my plans realistic and feasible?
  • Do I have any capacity for more work? Which areas are overstretched?
  • What happens if a project is extended or delayed?

Why not take a look at our Meisterplan Factsheet?

Meisterplan Features:

  1. Resource transparency

    Interactively experience the connection between resources and projects.

  2. Identify and manage resource shortfalls

    The clear layout allows you to detect shortages in seconds, see which project is creating a shortage and identify the best way to manage it.

  3. Include new projects

    Determine, at a glance, whether or not new projects can really be implemented with the available resources.

  4. Continually adapt to changes

    Model various solution scenarios intuitively and interactively, to eliminate shortages or account for changes in your project strategy. Meisterplan calculates how all resources are involved in your projects and displays the consequences, so you can find the optimal solution.

  5. Stand-alone, with Excel or with a traditional PPM system

    Import project data easily from Excel or a PPM system, such as Microsoft Project Server™, CA PPM™, Planview™, Oracle Primavera™ and many more. Benefit from a quick and easy start using Meisterplan.

An Overview of Meisterplan’s functions


1. Set project priorities by dragging and dropping.
2. Indicate which projects must be implemented and which should not be done at all.
3. Analyse of resource utilization at the department, role or individual level.
4. Include milestones and project dependencies
5. Simulate various scenarios with drag-and-drop by moving projects, extending and shortening them, or splitting and stopping them – and immediately see and understand the resulting resource demand.
6. The red bar shows which projects have a resource issue.
7. The score highlights bottlenecks and calculates a KPI for all overages.
8. Dark histogram areas show allocated resources for the selected project.